Frequently Asked Questions.

What are your typical shipping times?

The typical Shipping times are between 1-3 working days (UK), we often ship same day if ordered before 12pm. (monday to friday). International orders vary are between 3-5 working days for europe. America and rest of the world is 7-10 working days. 

What if I need to change my shipping address?

If you have made a mistake on the order form by putting in the wrong address, contact us immediately, so we can send the item to right address. If the order has been shipped, there is nothing we can do. You will have to place the order again. 


If there is any problem with your order, please contact us or contact form below. 

What payment methods do you use?

We only accept card payment from Mastercard, Visa and American Express. 

We can offer bank transfer, contact us for that method.

Where are you based?

Beard and Bones are based in Plymouth, South of England.

How did Beard and Bones Start?

Dan and Jake started the company back in 2018, we got into detail about the founders story

What ingredients do you use?

All of our ingredients are listed under each product page.

Can we sell your products?

Yes, we sell our products wholesale and in bulk. Contact us on our email address or Instagram and we will arrange a phone call to discuss further details.

Do you have CSPR for your products?

Yes, we have a cosmetic product safety report. This report was by Cosmetic Safety Assessment company, this is an expensive process but it is a legal requirement in the EU.

Can I become a brand ambassador for you?

– If you send us a message on contact form below, we will decide if you are suitable first and if so, we will contact you and discuss the benefits and what you have to do.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our ingredients are locally sourced and 100% environmentally friendly and organic. We try to limit the use of plastic for our packaging, mostly aluminium or glass.